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Les Artisans des Saveurs’s mission is to offer its customers fresh, exceptionally-tasty fruits and vegetables, cultivated in our fields like in the old days, under the supervision of Michel Lachaume who makes sure the products are outstanding and delicious. The fruits and vegetables produced by Les Artisans des Saveurs are derived from old varieties!

  • Blueberries


    Organicblueberries with exceptional taste

    Sweet as canbe with a unique flavor!

    Availablein July and August

    Storage: Keeprefrigerated

  • Mini Coloria Mixed Peppers

    Mini Coloria Mixed Peppers

    Mini Coloria Mixed Peppers

    A delicious blend of sweet and savoury mini peppers

    In beautiful red, yellow and orange colours

    Available from August until the first frost

    Storage: Keep refrigerated

  • Blue Honeysuckle Berry

    Blue Honeysuckle Berry

    A very northern berry with superior antioxidant virtues 

    Odd oval shape, rich in Vitamins A and C.

    A unique flavour, resembling a mixture of cassis and raspberries... worth discovering!

    Available from mid-June to early July

    Conservation: Refrigerate

  • Mixto Tomatoes

    Mixto Tomatoes

    Tomatoes providing a mix of several complementary flavours

    Beautiful rich colours, as pleasing to the eye as they are to your taste buds

    Savory and available from August to frost

    Conservation: Do not refrigerate

  • Charlotte


    One of the most famous strawberries in France

    With its floral honey taste, its bouquet and perfume are incomparable

    A lovely, bright shade of red, its taste is superior to that of others

    You can get it as of late July

    Conservation: Refrigerate

  • Squash


    Cultivated for their edible fruit

    Come in all shapes and colours, as well as a good variety of sizes

    Available from September to December

    They keep very well

  • Grape Tomatoes

    Grape Tomatoes

    Small fruit with firm flesh, regular, oblong shape and smooth, shiny skin and very sweet taste

    Available from August to frost

    Conservation: Do not refrigerate

  • Cherry Tomatoes

    Cherry Tomatoes

    Smaller-sized fruit stands out with its delicious and lightly sweet flavour

    Available from August to frost

    Conservation: Do not refrigerate

  • Green and Yellow Beans

    Green and Yellow Beans

    These legumes are one of the most widely eaten ‘vegetables’ in Canada.

    Low-calorie, they contain Vitamins C, B9, and K, magnesium and manganese

    Available from mid-July to mid-October

    Should be refrigerated.