Our background

The Les Artisans des Saveurs brand was born of an encounter with a man with a mad passion for cultivating savory fruits and vegetables. His name is Michel Lachaume. Wishing to share his knowledge of 95%-organic culture and offer his expertise in order to revive the pleasure of tasting succulent ancestral products from days gone by, the artisans of flavour (Les Artisans des Saveurs) decided to partner up with him and propose fruits and vegetables with a unique, delicious taste that grow in the most natural and self-sufficient way possible. Hence, Les Artisans des Saveurs offers a wide range of exceptional, delectable products. Les Artisans des Saveurs also offers chefs the opportunity to have their own garden, called the Chef’s Garden, in which they can grow the fruits and vegetables of their choice, always under the supervision of Michel Lachaume. This has become the mission of Les Artisans des Saveurs: to provide the best possible and exquisitely tasty produce for retail, institutional and restaurant needs.

squash on a table

artisans des saveurs garden

artisans des saveurs table linen

artisans des saveurs