What is an artisan?

"The best job is living by one's passion.”
- François Salvat de Montfort (1708)

In recent years, the artisanal or craft trade, which has existed since time immemorial, has gained in popularity. A host of shops, markets, fairs and events have emerged thanks to local product and local buying promotion campaigns. However, many existing stores and markets are taking advantage of this trend as well as the traffic the “Buy local" movement is generating. These local showcases are becoming more and more popular, shining a spotlight on local artisans, creators of all kinds, and focusing more on respect for the environment and its resources. Promoting craftspeople means above all making them stand out from the competition because they offer unique flavours.


By definition, an artisan is someone who performs a manual trade using traditional standards and techniques. An artisan or craftsperson is someone who’s often self-employed, sometimes benefits from the help of family and apprentices and has chosen to turn their passion into their profession. Handcrafting is often viewed as a hobby, so it's important not to diminish its importance. A craftsman generally has a creative, liberal, enterprising and resourceful character. They are also able to adapt quickly and have a natural entrepreneurial spirit. What an artisan produces stands out from major chains because they adapt to new trends and are always evolving.

Craftsmanship beyond DIY

Craftsmanship is “the transformation of products or the delivery of services using specialized know-how outside an industrial context: a craftsman generally performs all stages of processing, repair or service provision, and handles their own marketing.” However, handcrafting covers more than just the simple knitting or macramé project the collective imagination conjures up. Indeed, it covers many sectors, including food, the complex or rustic production of decorative objects, wood, metal, leather and textile work, as well as the construction sector.

Les Artisans des Saveurs 

In Quebec, 60 crafts are recognized, and there are countless “land artisans." Our Artisans des Saveurs craftspeople are producers who work with the greatest care to deliver an exceptional product with unique flavours to a local clientele. They are seeking to create a close relationship with a loyal clientele that in turn recommends them to friends and family. These artisans are concerned about doing a good job and presenting quality products that match their values. “Land artisans” rely on a small production overseen with love and attention rather than on mass production. They do more business with local merchants, restaurants and markets, which gives them the opportunity to respond quickly to new trends. Les Artisans des Saveurs products are grown under the close supervision of Michel Lachaume. This great gardening enthusiast is a world-renowned free breeder. He’s a fervent breeder and cross-breeder who’s worked hard for over 25 years to improve the way organic varieties of fruit, vegetables and plants are grown. Under a research protocol and in a natural way, he makes it possible for Les Artisans des Saveurs to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables of exquisite and unparalleled taste!

Finally, micro-influencers are also very important in marketing artisanal products. At Les Artisans des Saveurs, we choose to work with chefs and leading culinary enthusiasts who promote the use of local fruits and vegetables, including nutritionist Julie DesGroseilliers and the LOV restaurant located in Laval and Montreal. Some well-known personalities such as nutritionists Hubert Cormier and Annie Ferland, of the Science et fourchette blog, have spoken well of Les Artisans des Saveurs, which is a great way to encourage our local producers and expand their community.