4 great reasons to eat local

For the past few years, talk of the local economy has been on everyone's lips, and the advantages of buying local are constantly being touted. But do you really know what the benefits of eating food grown locally are? Discover four great reasons why eating Quebec-grown food is the best choice to make bar none!

Eat fresh!
First and foremost, eating local fruits and vegetables means filling your plate with fresh and tasty food. Because foods have travelled less distance to reach your kitchen, they taste better and have a higher nutritional value. Local food tastes amazing because it's harvested when it's ripe and spends less time in a truck. Shorter shipping distances also reduce the ecological footprint of what you consume, which is a real boon for the health of the planet.

Save money by choosing seasonal products
People often think that it's more expensive to buy local food. The key is to pick seasonal fruits and vegetables since they are always much more affordable when you buy them at their peak. In summer, treat yourself to berries. Buying extra to freeze or make jam you can enjoy when winter comes around is a wise choice. You’ll also save money while enjoying Quebec food all year round. When fall comes around, it’s time to pickle vegetables and make jars of sauce. Extending the life of your favourite local foods is another great reason to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen! Familiarize yourself with the harvest schedule, so that you can buy products that are ripe and have as much flavour as possible.

Support the local economy
Food is one of the simplest ways to drive the local economy. By buying fruits and vegetables grown in Quebec, you support local producers, creating jobs in your community. The more consumers buy locally, the more farmers can offer a variety of food. Furthermore, you contribute directly to heritage preservation by making it possible for farmers to pass on their know-how to the next generation and at the same time giving them pride in producing food consumed by Quebecers. Buying local also prevents us from being dependent on foreign producers because it ensures the diversity of local crops. "According to MAPAQ, if all Quebecers replaced $30 a year of food grown abroad with food produced locally, the province would raise $1 billion over five years. All that money reinvested here could support the development of our agri-food system and create jobs. We are not talking about spending an extra $30 a year, but simply about taking the time to make a choice.” It just goes to show that simple actions can have a huge impact on our community.

Help protect the environment
Did you know that food imported from abroad travels an average of 2,500 km? Quebec has more than 29,000 farms, so consuming local fruits and vegetables is not only possible but desirable! By shortening the distances our food travels, we can help reduce greenhouse gases due to transportation. However, keep in mind that transporting fruits and vegetables within Quebec also produces greenhouse gases. If a food product has travelled the breadth of Quebec, it may not be any more environmentally friendly than one imported from abroad. That’s why it’s essential to ask your merchant questions about where products come from and read labels carefully.

At Artisans des Saveurs, all our products come from local agriculture and grow as naturally as possible. When you choose them, you are investing in fresh fruit and vegetables, while simultaneously encouraging local producers. What's more, you'll save money and help protect the planet. Local food has never tasted so good!