By Julie DesGroseilliers, Nutritionist and Ambassador

The holiday season is filled with parties with family and friends. There's no better way to thank your hosts than with a handmade gift, so I suggest you make and personalize your gift by making sweet or nutritious delicacies. 

For the host who’s a foodie
If your host has a passion for cooking and loves to photograph their recipes, you already know they will be delighted by anything they make with their own hands. These Deconstructed Cookies come in a Mason jar and are just the thing for them to put their creativity to work. They’ll be free to select topics and have fun decorating them according to their taste.

For the host serving a brunch
If your host is hosting this holiday season’s mega brunch, why not offer them a treat to share? You know how hard they've worked to make everything flawless; Blue Honeyberry and Orange Scones are sure to give them a hand and tantalize their guests' taste buds.

For the host who’s an adventurer

We all have a globetrotter in our midst, who's always on the road or off hiking in the mountains. We’re anxious to see them during the holidays so that they can tell us about the thousand and one adventures they’ve enjoyed over the last year. To add even more spice to their escapades, what could be more exciting than offering them this blend of Sriracha and honey caramelized nuts (French-only website). They'll certainly think of us on their next spirit quest!

For the host with a sweet tooth
You'll have to go the extra mile to satiate the cravings of a host who’s always the first to leap on sweet, rich, delectable treats! Clearly, you can’t offer them a traditional box of chocolates. You’ll want to truly surprise and please them. This Decadent Amaretto and Blue Honeyberry Balls is a sure-fire recipe to satisfy your gourmet desires. Their funky twist will leave them salivating! P.S. Double the recipe and keep some for yourself... at your own risk!

For the granola-loving host
To satisfy the taste buds of a granola-loving host who prefers hearty to ultra-sweet snacks, you know you'll have to use your imagination. These tasty Raw Chewy Bars are a winning choice for lunch or as a snack. Made with nuts, dates and peanut butter, their chocolatey flavour adds a touch of festiveness to them. To make them even more thematic, replace the chocolate chips with green and red candies, such as Smarties or M&Ms.

For the host with a “salty” tooth
Offer the host who's less fond of sweet delicacies a unique salty snack. If they love chips, popcorn and crackers, they’ll adore these Giant Homemade Bretzels (French-only website)! Soft and chewy inside and crispy outside, they can be enjoyed at lunch or as a Friday movie night snack. Here at last is a gourmet gift that’s sure to satisfy their love for salty foods. For those with a "sweet and sour” tooth, top the pretzels with a drizzle of melted chocolate!