Add vegetables to your desserts to stay healthy without depriving yourself!

Healthy Beet Brownies in a white plate
Without a doubt, indulging in dessert is many people's favourite part of a meal. In North America, many people are accustomed to eating a little something sweet at the end of the meal, and many children get dessert as a reward for finishing their meal. However, with the large-scale availability of highly processed, sugar-laden foods, we need to start questioning our appetite for these addictive foods. Discover how adding vegetables to your desserts can be a simple, effective and guilt-free sweet something in which to indulge.  

Say yes to putting veggies in your desserts!  

Since vegetables are often viewed as a savoury dish ingredient, the idea of using them in desserts isn’t the first that comes to mind. This camouflage operation doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel, but there are indeed many benefits to adding vegetables to your sweet treats and desserts. Even in desserts, vegetables retain all their properties, including their nutrients, vitamins, fibre, and so forth. For this reason alone, it would be foolish not to try your luck. At times, you can hardly taste them, and they add a little extra nutrition to the recipe. Often, vegetables taste even better this way and add more flavour to the dish. One quick web search will yield a wealth of easy-to-prepare recipes that are perfectly suited for nutrition-conscious people. If you prefer recipe books, Annik De Celles and Andréanne Martin serve up 96 such recipes in their two Desserts santé pour dents sucrés recipe books, published by Éditions du Trécarré.

Veggies in the spotlight

When you think of desserts, you probably think of ingredients like flour, eggs, white sugar, brown sugar, chocolate, etc., but you’re unlikely to think of beets, carrots, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peas, and so on! Many vegetables are recognized for their natural sweetness, so why not use them? For example, we’re all familiar with the classic carrot cake, but have you tried lemon pea cake? (Recipe only in French) For their part, tomatoes pair especially well with strawberries and vanilla, and beetroot is perfect with red berries, chocolate and honey. Try them in this tasty beet and chocolate brownies recipe (only in French). Similarly, bell peppers, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash, zucchini, kidney beans and avocados will also make fabulous additions to your dessert recipes. 

Eat healthier

Simply put, processed and highly processed foods do not constitute part of a balanced diet when consumed on a daily basis. Cooking more of your meals and desserts yourself is a good way to control the fats and sugars in your recipes, and to know exactly what you're eating. It is also more economical, especially when you choose seasonal vegetables, which are available in a wide variety in Quebec. At Artisans des saveurs, we are committed to providing you with top-quality vegetables. Add them to your desserts and end your meal on a sweet but healthy note!